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Our Vision

Calvary Resurrection Christian Church began October 25, 1989 in response to a vision from God concerning the establishment of a community of believers to further the purpose of God in the metropolitan area of Birmingham, AL and beyond. The church has a two-fold emphasis in ministry.

A Local Church

God has established CRCC to function as a local church---- a community of believers gathered together for the worship and service of God. In particular, CRCC is established to:

1. Worship the Lord by providing a place where people can gather to freely worship God in Spirit and in Truth according to the Scriptures. We desire to worship God through acts of praise and worship and through holy lives consecrated to Him and demonstrating the power and glory of God. We seek to grow quantitatively as a church and qualitatively as individuals, becoming the bride without a spot or wrinkle or blemish for which Jesus plans to return.

2. Witness for the Lord by proclaiming His Word to the entire world. We desire to witness the love and power of Jesus to those in prisons of sin and oppression and those who are imprisoned behind bars using whatever media are available to us, including preaching and teaching, seminars, practical expressions of love and outreach, drama, music, radio, television, and any other means available to us to extend His Kingdom. Our desire us to minister to the whole person: spirit, soul, and body.

3. Wait on the Lord by occupying until He comes with ministries and activities aimed at reaching the people of Jesus. We believe God has called us to minister to persons all over the world, beginning with our community of the Greater Birmingham area, and working toward ministering to persons across the nation and around the world. Our ministry is one of setting the captives free to receive our coming King. We believe God has called us to enter prisons and jails with an effective gospel witness. We also believe we must minister to those who are imprisoned by alcohol, drugs, poverty, broken and dysfunctional homes, and oppression of every kind, and endeavor to set them free by the power and love of Jesus Christ. In order to accomplish these objectives we must "study to show ourselves approved" through a variety of educational ministries and activities designed to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

Through appropriate applications of Worship, Witnessing, and Waiting, we desire to establish a strong local church to give practical application to deeply held religious and spiritual beliefs.

A Community of Believers

God has instructed us to build a local church located in the community of Birmingham, AL. As a part of the community, God has caused us to become sensitive to the needs of the people of our area. We desire to reach out to them in practical and loving ways to include them in our fellowship and ministry. We believe the kingdom of God to be all encompassing, and do not desire to exclude anyone on the basis of race, national origin, sex, or religious background. We recognize the household of faith to be a unified family with diverse and unique individuals.

This emphasis on community causes us to work to effectively make Birmingham and surrounding areas a better place to live and work. The residents and their specific needs are on our hearts, as well as our desire to meet those needs.

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