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Our History

The year of 1989 was seemingly like any other year for one group of believers. Little did they know that their lives were about to change forever. In the beginning of the year there was an undercurrent of discord. In October it all became apparent that God had other plans for this small group of believers.  Spiritual pain was being inflicted upon the congregation and this was not acceptable for Pastor Gary Whitt. On October 22, 1989 Pastor Whitt stated "God is not the author of confusion." After an unsuccessful meeting with the deacons and much fasting and prayer, on that day Pastor Gary Whitt was led of the Lord to leave the thriving church body he had led for years.

Three days later, October 25, 1989 was the birth of a new "nation" of people. No memo, no official name, just word of mouth and the first Bible Study was held at the Ramada Inn in Birmingham, AL. About fifty people were in attendance listening as Pastor Whitt taught from the third chapter of Philippians. Like the children of Israel once they crossed the Red Sea, this body of believers didn't know what to expect next. All they knew was that they were now free and trusting God for their next move.

For the next few weeks Sunday worship services were focused on trusting God and possessing the land. The Spirit of the Lord was high in the services as members experienced freedom they had not known before. The name of the Lord was magnified and Jesus Christ was exalted. On November 5, 1989, the first communion service was held and Pastor Whitt announced that the name of this body of believers would be Calvary Resurrection Christian Church, a name that embodies what Jesus did for us.

On August 4, 1994 there was a motorcade from North Birmingham to Eastlake, the new home of Calvary Resurrection Christian Church. The new edifice was one of splendor where the growing congregation would continue to run with the vision of God.

As the ministry flourished both spiritually and physically, again there was an undercurrent. On Sunday, February 23, 1997, Pastor Gary Whitt went home to be with the Lord.  As the ministry team and members prayed and worked past their personal grief to carry on in the absence of their leader, on June 8, 1997 Pastor Linda Whitt was ordained and named Senior Pastor of the ministry.

Pastor Linda Whitt continues to preach "with God nothing is impossible." The work of the ministry continues. Feeding the hungry continues. Assisting families in need continues. Building families for God continues. Empowering marriages continues. Training men and women, to learn the Word, love the Word, and live the Word continues. Pastor Linda Whitt teaches the Word without compromise. Under her leadership we continue to be of good courage and go out and posses the land.

Under the mantle and anointing of God, the leadership team works tirelessly without complaint to see the vision come to pass. As we look to the future, we trust the One who holds the future as we preserve to continue bringing RESURRECTION, RESTORATION, and RELEASE to the body of Christ.

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