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Here at Calvary our desire is to minister to the whole man; spirit, soul and body.  Each ministry is  combines to meet the needs of the whole man.

Are you looking for the place you believe God wants you to serve?  Listed below are the ministries and social services offered at our church.  If you have any questions about these ministries or services, please contact us for more info.


Conquering Couples Ministry
Directors:  Clinton & Rachel Smith
The enemy strives to destroy society by destroying God's sacred union.  The Conquering Couples Ministry teaches couples how to live and grow as one through Biblical teaching, activities, and recreation.
Successful Singles Ministry
Contact:  Church Office
Whole and complete in Jesus!  Successful Singles enjoy life as they lean on Jesus to be all to them.  This ministry strives to minister to the many aspects of the single life:  widowed, divorced, single parents, or young singles through biblical training and recreational activities.
Men Of Confidence Ministry
Contact:  Church Office
Resurrecting the men of God to be the priests of their homes and the leaders God ordained them to be.  When the man has a solid relationship with the Lord, he can more effectively show others how to live victoriously.
Destined for Greatness Women's Ministry (D4G)
Director:  Cordelia Jordan
The goal of this ministry is to prepare women of all ages, socio-economic status, and backgrounds to become the women God would be pleased with by teaching women how to live holy and victorious Christian lives.  These goals are accomplished through Bible studies, seminars, workshops, retreats and fellowships of various kinds to build stronger bonds of love and trust.
Conquest Children 's Ministry
Director:  Jay Gary
The goals of this ministry are to introduce children to Jesus, use various teaching techniques to help children build and maintain a positive relationship with the Lord, and to provide exciting Biblically sound lessons that help children live victoriously through their faith in Christ.
Game Changers Teen Ministry
Director:  Jay Gary
Filling the Gap Tutoring
Director:  Laneta Fullenwiley
It is God's will that young people are successful in every area of their lives; this includes school.  This service provides tutoring for students who desire extra help with their academic studies.  We also work with parents and help them to learn what they can do to help their children be more successful in school.
Anointed Praise Dance Ministry
Director:  Cathy Green
Audio/Visual Ministry
Director:  Anthony Gary
Director:  Altha Gary
Director:  Denika McCall
Drama Ministry
Director:  Laneta Fullenwiley
Hands In Motion
Director:  Wanda Jackson
Music Ministry
Director:  Sharon Wilson
Praise HIM Dance Ministry
Director:  Kenethia Jordan
Ushers and Greeters Ministry
Director:  Connie Demand
Vision Keepers Ministry
Director:  David Ogden
Discipleship Ministry
Director:  Brenda Drake
Fellowship Ministry
Director:  Sharon Wilson
Foresight Media Ministry
Director:  Tara Smith-Skanes
God's Heritage Fellowship Ministry
Director:  Leah Wiggins
Intercessory Prayer Ministry
Director:  Marion Terry
New Members Ministry
Director:  Shirley Miller
Pastoral Care Ministry
Director:  Larry Robinson
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