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Small Groups

Small groups give the community and the members of CRCC the opportunity to make connections with those who share their interests.  As a family, we desire to have outlets in times of both need and times of fun.

What are small groups?

Small groups are groups that focus on various aspects of life.  Events and activities can unite those facing abuse, addictions, depression, loss, and similar issues; address the needs and concerns of our youth; provide active individuals with fellowship outlets such as basketball, painting, aerobics, running, etc; nurture married couples, singles, teens, women, men, and seniors; and promote exchanges in subjects such as cooking, recreational reading, and bible study.


Where do they meet?

Each group will primarily meet at the church.  However, groups may choose to change venues such as parks, restaurants, homes, or other businesses according to activities planned.


Who can participate?

CRCC's small groups are designed for our members and our community to enjoy!



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